Do I need a new video card?

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  1. I'm trying to connect 3 monitors to my computer but the computer doesn't recognize all 3. The video card is an ATI Radeon 256MB X600SE PCI Express Card. It has 1 VGA output and 1 DVI output. The monitors have both outputs as well. I can hook up 2 monitors with no problem (1 VGA, 1 DVI) but when I use a VGA splitter, all 3 monitors come up, but the system only recognizes 2. The 2 monitors on the splitter both identify as monitor 2 and when I try to position the monitors on the setup page, it only gives me an option to move 2.

    Anyone care to tell this computer idiot what to do next?

  2. You need a second video card.

    You can get more than adequate one for less than $50.
  3. Any suggestions? Do I also need to get another ACI radeon card? Or would you suggest something else? If I get another video card, do I need the VGA splitter?

    Thanks again.

  4. First you need to check to see which slots are available. PCI, PCIe, AGP, etc.

    Then just buy any cheap nVidia or ATI card with 2 outlets (1 VGA/1 DVI or 2 VGA or 2 DVI. It really doesn't matter as long as your monitor has either VGA or DVI or both.)

    When you plug in the card and reboot, your computer should automatically recognize the new card.

    With 2 more video outlets, you can now add 1 more and get 4 monitors.

    I personally have ATI and nVidia video cards on my computer and run 3 monitors. No problem whatsoever.

    Good luck.
  5. Get a used ATI Xpert@work PCI card with 8 MB for the 3rd monitor. It gives 1280*1024 resolution at 85 Hz. That should be enough for trading.
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    yeah, you can get those ATI cards pretty much for free. They only cost $39 or so when new a couple years ago... And they'll actually go up to 1600x1200@60hz as well. :) Plug that into a 20" LCD and you're set. Of course, it won't be as sharp as using DVI, but you'd barely notice the difference.

    There was a deal posted somewhere for Tiger that had a Matrox dual-output card for $10 or so with a $10 rebate... :)
  7. Last dumb question, I swear. How do I determine which slots are available? PCI, PCIe, AGP? And which to use?

    Thanks again fellas.
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    Your mobo is PCIE.

    You can either get a PCI video card or a PCIE x1. There are very few PCIE x1 cards on the market, so a PCI card is a better and more economical bet.

    If your system won't recognize a 3rd monitor as separate and independent from the others by using a splitter cable, then don't use the cable.

    If you were to buy an NVIDIA Quadro NVS card, it will have a single output which is designed for a special splitter cable to attach 2 monitors.
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    click scan now, a pop up list will appear wait for a couple seconds for it to load your pc config into pop up windows, then scroll wayyy down to the bottom to see what kind of video slot you have

    can you id your slot?
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