Do I have a big bullseye on my back?

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  1. Every time that I enter a trade, I get taken out. I got into amzn on a pullback and I entered right at the pivot point. The next two ticks were small the third came down and took me out and then it took off. This has happened often. Do the market makers know I am out here? I guess I am going to have to set my stop lower, like two dollars. Where can I find out how market makers work? Very frustrating, I have the patterns and support/resistence worked out just being taken out that is killing me right now.
  2. Maybe you are entering too early and trying to anticipate or pick bottoms or tops, which can be a dangerous game. Let the move get underway a bit before getting in.
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  4. 1. Don't trade stocks (try QQQ or ES).

    2. Trade with the NYSE TICK trend.

    3. Trade w/ the spoo trend

    4. Concentrate

    5. Avoid midday trading
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    What do you mean "took me out"? What kind of stops are you using? One suggestion, use a wider stop with less shares.
  7. I know what the QQQ is, but what is the ES and the NQ?
  8. I am trading 200 or 300 shares right now, and I am trying to scalp .20 or .30. I am using a stop between .07 and .10. I know that this is paranoid, but can a market maker see the stop and drop down and take out my order and then move on? I have asked this question before and I got a range of answers from no to yes.
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    from what I read the answer is yes.
  10. I know that things flatten out in the midday, but why aren't you supposed to trade during that time.
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