Do I have a an edge?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by maildigger, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. I trade the SPY, long only.
    I make 1 trade/day.

    Results 2012:

    174 trades
    +14.92 points
    +14.05 points after commissions

    Biggest drawdown is 5%

    Is this good/bad/ok?
    Is this system worth trading in your opinion?
  2. This is the chart...
  3. Yes appears you do. Until you dont, understand ?
  4. LOL... I understand.
    But I was hoping to get some (positive) critisism.:)
  5. wasnt trying to be flip!

    Well I noticed it was "long" only. Market has been going "up" over the last couple years. Anyway to back test this exact method ?
  6. SatMir


    he means until it`s short,i suppose.:D
  7. BallBag


    You have about as much edge as a satsuma.