Do I exist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Jun 21, 2003.

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    Ok, this is a question for you Existentialists out there.
    Do I exist? Do you exist?

    I kind of got bored of the one about god existing. :)
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    That depends on what you mean by "do".
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    Hmm...very deep Mr. Babak. What would you mean by "do"?
    I would say "doing" is a state of being.:)
  4. The fact that you are writing the post is a proof for me that you or some other entity exists...
  5. classical from philosopher Descartes
    "cogito, ergo sum "
    (I think so I am)

    When I was preparing my engineering school one has to chose by random a question and I remember getting this one : "Is a virus a life organism" (why do I seem to always get weird questions whereas others have "normal" ones at least in Biology field because this wasn't in philosophy class hee hee) ? A virus has not a complete DNA (only RNA if I remember which is only half of a DNA double string) and can only live as a parasit by using the genetic machinery of others but for sure it cannot be considered as inorganic material. So the more interesting question would be more than just question about existence : it's about Conciousness. Do I have the consciousness that I exist and that is what Descartes means above : he means that human manifest the hability of Reflexivity of some Conciousness whereas a virus exists without perhaps being conscious - but who really knows without being a virus himself :D

  6. why would anyone not pick the first choice?!
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    Well Gordon, how can you prove that you exist?
    You see, you smell, you breathe.....but is an illusion?
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  9. I Think. Therefore, I Am :-/
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    I stink, therefore I smell?

    Define what it means to think?
    Define what is existence?

    Is it thinking or sensing?
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