Do hot women traders exist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bmwstox, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. Think I just discovered where I want to trade!
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  2. carlp


    too funny, lol


    Money is the key word...
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  3. I think Robert and Thugglife would agree....we would have better chances with ladies if we forgot about the whole trader approach and just told them that we sleep 'till noon and go surfing 'till dark.
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  4. Bryan Roberts

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    now this is my kinda post!!!! let's see some pic's..."The Women of Prop Trading" me an idea!!! hello, Hugh.........
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  5. nitro



    I was thinking of the busty skinny one. (slurp)

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  6. And most traders lose it...not make it. It's not that they don't understand what you do, they just understand the odds are in favor of traders being broke.

    Please reply with how everybody here makes tons of money.
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  7. Buying low and selling high seems to work.
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  8. liltrdr


    Any takers? :D
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  9. This thread is sexist and degrading to women... and I'm a little disappointed so few pictures were posted.

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  10. Seanote

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    Don....please tell me you have a better picture of someone in your office. I stopped by Protrader a few days ago and met a 22 year old hottie who dropped out of college 2 years ago, started with 25 and has traded her account up to 250 grrrr. I watched her trade live and this chick can scalp with the best of 'em!!! She let me check out her cash history and sure enough she's made all that money! From my experience in this industry those type of women are few and far between, BUT we do have better odds than working at an IT company....they're brutal!
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