Do hot women traders exist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bmwstox, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. bmwstox


    I've seen a few women traders, but none are hot. It's really annoying especially when you're trying to trade. You have to look at that nasty maria barfomo. Firms should start hiring more women traders.
  2. I'll ask permission to post up a couple of our women traders....either from the newspaper or can then judge for yourself...give me a couple of days...
  3. Schonfeld has a lot of hot women in the Park Ave office.
  4. Where will you post these pictures. Make sure there are no men posing as women I know trader's around here do that. Some of these guy's have a sick scene of humor.
  5. bmwstox


    Thanks Don,

    I will be looking forward to it! :)

    btw, I like your opening strategy, it seems to work at times from what I've seen. I plan to implement it this coming week to see if it will work for me.

    I used to be at Schonfeld, our office had no pretty women. I'll make a few calls and check out the Park Ave. office for myself.

    - BMW
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    Yeah, when I was at the Vegas class, I had a hard time concentrating.

    :p <-- nitro salivating
  7. You got to be kidding Don.

    BMW, hope your not surfing those porn sites during market hours.
  8. Hot women don't trade... they date traders...
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    agree candle, others :)
  10. No
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