Do guests ever pay to get on business news pgms?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Candace, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Anyone know if unadvertised advertising occurs on any of the business news programs? I have seen a few interviews where the host seemed to act out of character, fawning over the guest and making me suspicious.

    A manufacturing company I worked for at one time had a couple success stories written up about them in trade magazines and later found out that these articles had been "sponsored" (for $5-10k) by equipment manufacturers whose products were visible in photos of the plant floor. Perhaps this goes on everywhere?
  2. Sure, how do you think people like marketsurfer and Cody W got so famous so fast??
  3. Separate but related.

    Don't ever trust ratings in JD Powers. Ppl get paid off to give those.

    Don't think so. Give a bad review to your car dealer after service and watch when you get offer an incentive to change your survey. I have seen it happen often.

    I have family that worked in the home building industry. They would offer incentives to homeowners to get good surveys that they would publish on JD power as well.

    My wife once worked for a multi-millionaire. He has been sued so many times for scamming ppl and not paying bills. He would get investors interested, pay himself a fat salary, and then bk often.
    Recently I looked him up on google and the first things come up are scam.

    A week later I looked him up and there is a bogus article on him, he paid for, must have, saying that he had run a Fortune 500 company. Complete BS! No I won't state his name because he bragged once he makes money by suing other businesses and I don't need the hassle.

    To your original point I absolutely believe its true and especially in trading. Ppl talking their buddies' book all the time.
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    bribery is alive and well.

    Of course, it isn't always called that ;)

    As for news programs...I wouldn't doubt it once in a small while, but they're usually through advertising companies/clients as is that are already it's in a slight way "paid" for through connections there. Or as aforementioned, something of a deal is worked out for a company or two.

    The rest is simply PR firms always submitting stuff in...when you're national like a CNBC/Bloomberg, etc. there's so much coming in (a lot of it crap :p) that you always have something to pick from as a producer...then add repeat guests because they are "good" on air, a breaking story or two (we need someone who is out that way or is related to this quick!), etc...
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    Who needs to pay? I'm sure there is some 'game' played somehow, though.

    But if you think about it --

    Networks need to fill airtime with guests. Guests will love the (inter)national exposure for themselves and their companies. Free marketing for their brand and preselected talking points. Ergo it's a win-win.

    Ergo one is not advised to pay them heed as trading advice. :)
  7. Most CEOs know that there is more money for them in the short term to be made in managing their stock price than in managing their business. This Market hasn't really changed this dynamic for them as much as it should...
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