Do females make better traders?

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    Woman seem to have more insight and looks then guys :)
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    Women give birth to boys, therefore we "make" better traders.

    :D :D :D

    (Sorry, ladies, but this IS after all ET and I have to keep the guys on their toes here, never knowing what to expect from whom...)
  3. Not really sure, but I do believe they make better prostitutes though.
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    Absolutely not. I've never met one that doesn't consider trading either gambling, stupid, or "no one can actually make a living like that."

    No offense to NoDoji, one of the exceptions to the rule.

    How many other women are there here?
  5. LOLOL ... this place is too much fun!! :D :D :D

    P.S. Hell no women don't make better traders than men. This is because:

    a) it's anti-social
    b) you aren't around living things all day ... you stare at a freak'in screen
    c) to become really good, it takes an inordinate amount of time combined with a very high math aptitude and extensive work on the psychological/logic aspects of human nature ... not something I think they really want to do ... else they would!
  6. Yes, almost without exception.

    There does seem to be a certain type of instrument preference, however. It mostly comes down to the compare and contrast of the "gleaner" and "warrior" roles that could be assigned to an individual.

    Probably, the general hiring rule applies whereby if you have equally qualified candidates go with the female. She has gotten to the short list by doing more to get to the list.

    Trading is not rocket science. Over a 10 year period and 100% sample it is no contest from the learning perspective. There is a direct correlation with mathematics aptitude testing as well.

    Two ther sample data sets are relevant: Myers Briggs for Western cultures and doshas for Eastern cultures. On ET anyone can evaluate postings of people to get these data set classifications straight. Use the indirect means, meaning sort by the "failings" in in categorical characteristics.

    For example, for vata use anxiety; for pitta use anger, and for kapha use fear. A quick reference is DC's PH and pay particular attention to imbalance on pages 77 to 84.
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    Got it.

    Got it.

    Working my ass off on this one.

    Jack, you keep compelling me to read more stuff; I feel like a perpetual student.I need to BREAK OUT!!!
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    Without women men would not be motivated to make money because without money there are no women.

    Women make the world go around. Without women men would still be in their caves bored to death. When the first cave man knoked the gal on the head down on the beach and dragged her to his cave and after a night of fun and laughter he woke up and she had put curtains in the cave and cooked a T-rex to perfection.

    The rest is history, men still chase women. :) :)

    PS: fast forward to this century. Women today are in college more than men. Women are taking over many profession men had a grip on for years and years. After doctors and lawyers, women will get into trading more and more. Women no longer are confined to marry a couch potatoe. They are controlling more money every year, men are falling way behind. Deal with it. :D

    Nod, it was a good day, these are what we wake up in morning for. Your turn is coming., :)
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    Hog is in his happy hour after glow because he put on the f*ckin ORB trade this morning and made lord knows how much profit!
  10. This question can easily be answered by looking at the top 100 traders. I remember reading them in trader monthly (before they went out of business) back in 2005 or 2006. As i read I noticed that out of these 100 top traders, only 1 was a woman.

    Thats your answer right there.

    I've also noticed similar trends in other areas of thinking where women are not as good as men. Like chess for instance. The top males players have ratings several hundred points higher than the best female chess player ever.

    Some women can excell more than SOME men, but thats only on a case by case scenario. I believe if you take any event where both men & women know nothing about the said event and make them learn it on the spot, the man will pull ahead of the woman everytime.

    For instance. If you took a rubiks cube into a part of the world where nobody had ever seen or heard of one, you can be sure that it would be the men that figured out how to solve it first.
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