Do Et people play music while trading?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by rabmanducky, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Does anybody here play music while trading? Or do alot of you guys prefer no noise while trading.
  2. Cnbc or bloomberg audio only on announcemt days, on XM radio. Other days listen to eurodance, techno, and classical.

    Some good XM channels are.
    Audio Visions
    Top 20 on 20
    The System
    XM CLassics
  3. If I listened to the system all day, I think I would be into hyper trade mode :)

    I see you have a nice counter balance with audio visions and classics however..

    Interesting range you have, that is why I can't live without XM.. The diversity

    Is the NSX in your name, a reference to the car? One of my alltime favorite most underappreciated cars

    Damn I'd love to haul some ... around the ring in a NSXR
  4. browntb


    I like the classics while trading as well. Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, etc.
  5. I used to keep a guitar by my desk. It's not allowed on the floor, so....
  6. Sirius satellite here.

    Octane 20 will help keep the adrenaline flowing.
  7. One of my trading platforms resides on a server that also is a music server. It has in excess of 600 hours of music on it and it plays 24/7. The taste range is across the board. Lite on the rap though (too smart & old to be killing cops and playin' ho's).

    I ran it as a multi-channel, multi-genre Internet radio station for a few months and I had over 1,600 listeners at one time. I had five channels each of rock, country, R&B, jazz and classical. Currently reconfiguring it as a pay per service at $1 per month based on the true concept of commercial free. I even registered the setups with the national reporting services and paid the required fees. :)
  8. Canyon - when you have it up and running, please post here or drop me a PM. Thanks.
  9. I'm the young hip-hop, trance, club variety. Also like to throw some classic rock sometimes.

    Kinda reflects my trading style.
  10. cocobop


    I listen to Great mixture of classic 60's and contemporary music.

    Good trading
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