Do Elite Trader Posters Have Big Egos?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by arizonadreamer, Feb 5, 2007.

Do Elite Trader Posters Have Big Egos?

  1. Are you kidding, this is Megalomaniac City!

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  2. Yes, there do seem to be some egos here!

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  3. ET is about average in this category.

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  4. No, People seem to be quite humble here.

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  5. An Ego machine wouldn't even register here!

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  1. After having read thousands of postings and hundreds of different posters, I am beginning to get a sense (right or wrong) of ET posters.

    My question is, "Do you think that a statistically significant number of ET posters have big egos?" Perhaps trading carries with it certain traits?

    By big ego, here are some adjectives that may apply:

    proud, haughty, arrogant, egotistical, patronizing, narcissistic . . .

    Well, you get the idea, LOL. :)

    I am just curious about what people think about this issue.

  2. Well...I may have a big ego, but when you're perfect why not! :D
  3. If you were making 500.00+ a day, would your ego be bigger than it is now?

  4. In which currency?
  5. I say getting a freakin' life.......
  6. Drew07


    It's a lot easier to have a big ego on the internet than in person. The internet allows people that are pushovers in their everday lives to get on and act superior to strangers. Not to imply that anyone on here is like that...
  7. The question presupposes that many people actually take Net Forums seriously.
    Doing so is always a mistake.

    Web 2.0 is a big mirage.

    Groupies with MySpace pages think that they are professional musicians...
    Kids with popular YouTube channels think that they are in show business...
    Pretenders with 1000 posts at ET think that they are "traders"...
    Small time bloggers view themselves are journalists.

    Meanwhile... life has not changed one bit.

    One still becomes successful the old fashioned way...
    Talent + education + hard work...
    And, especially, taking the HARD ROAD that very few people are willing to take.
  8. This site would be boring without the big egos and outrageous statements
  9. haha, im the only one so far that has voted no.

    come, maybe big egos compared to an anti war hippy board but a board full of traders? come on...
  10. Drew07


    It's obvious you haven't been here for very long...
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