Do Democrats Want to be led by a Woman?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by version77, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. I have a feeling that all Democrats want Hillary to run for President
    so they can be led around by the nose by a woman.

    Now how manly can that be for the men who vote Democratic?

    Pretty funny huh?
  2. So how likely is this to happen with all the Gays, feminine men
    and women voting for the Democratic party?
  3. I would rather be led by a competent woman than a bunch of idiot republiklaneocons...
  4. I dont see what difference it makes whether man/woman, black/white, whatever.

    Why can't we get someone who is competent, a good leader AND well-behaved? You'd think with a country of 300 million...

    George W. goes without saying

    Nixon was smart, but had little concept of "honorable."

    Clinton was smart, but couldn't keep his pants on.

    Ford was moral, but not so bright.

    Carter was well-behaved and smart (PhD in engineering, if I remember), but wishy-washy.

    And it goes on...
  5. Hey! Maybe we can get China and Russia to vote for women leaders too!

    And they can all have lunch on Saturdays together! Yipee!
  6. You get what you vote for.

    When people stop making their voting decisions based on whether they can have a beer with this guy, and start scrutinizing the real issues, then you'll start getting better politicians.

    That'll never happen.

    BTW, why does v77 hate women?
  7. V77, Hi. I gotta say it's people with attitudes like yours, who have voting rights, which worries me quite a bit.

    In all humility,
  8. I love women. I just don't think China and Russia, ect., will take
    the US seriously with a woman leader.

    Do you?
  9. Still having a hard time dealing with the Democrat rout of BOTH houses....?

    I like women! It seems republicans feel more comfortable with Mark Foley types:D
  10. the thread title and your opening post suggest otherwise. why ask if dems will feel more ehmm..'manly' being lead by a woman if u dont have an issue with women? and what's that part about being lead by the nose? did your older sys abuse u? what unimaginable trauma affected your youth?

    now i can attribute another few astounding qualities to vermin77: besides being intolerant and patronizing he's also sexist. wtg man, u managed to be derided and completely denigrated by the entire board in one evening.
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