Do daytraders profit everyday? Or are they like me: one huge win one day, 10 losses in a row after?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Steven W, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. schweiz


    Possible and even probable. I see that most of my stats are not like the typical trader.
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  2. volpri


    A trader cannot be an intraday trader over the long haul and have such a dismal win rate.
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  3. schweiz


    I agree that you cannot compare these two different types of trading.
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  4. TheSaint


    @schweiz: I like your way of thinking! Maybe that's why you keep winning.

    @the rest: Be bold, do your homework really really really good, trust what you are doing, and you will all keep making constant money. Loses will surely come, but overall r:r will be very good!
    Keep complaining about loses, and y'all keep losing...

    GL to all!
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  5. speedo


    Lots of ways to do this biz. Personally I experience modest average gain per contract and more modest average loss with a higher percentage of winners than losers....several losing days per month and several losing weeks per year. I don't hit "home runs" nor do I take big for me. Everyone has their own comfort level and psychological traits.
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  6. snowman80


    you are experiencing angst over the unpredictability of trading because you have unrealistic expectations. it’s not trading that is hurting you, it’s your own expectations.
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  7. Turveyd


    Tiny account, so monthly for me 50% income via trading as work is slow as, so taking out $1000 per month, but tiny account so that's 25% currently, made 100% last week being 2K, took 1K out already, if I'd of took the +$250 and not let it slip to -$100 today I'd already be up 1K but hey :(

    Needs must in my case, 10K+ I'll sack the business, 50% per month would make me very happy!!
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  8. i average 60+ trades/month. i'm right 70% of the time and wrong 30%. but my average winner amount is less than my average loser. it is a still work in progress for me.
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  10. ironchef


    What is more important than win rate is positive expectancy. If you have high positive expectancy, one win out of 10 should not bother you.

    What fascinates me is trading strategy like Nassim Taleb's, have one winning trade every now and then but still makes millions. But I don't know how many trade that way. You need to have ice in your blood to survive such odds.
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