Do Conservatives Owe Obama A Debt of Gratitude For Ending The Clinton Nightmare?

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  1. Obama has done what republicans could not. He has single-handedly put an end to the Clinton nightmare. Let's face it, it's over for Hillary. Obama knows it, he laughs off her increasingly idiotic attacks. The media know it, they scoff at her and Bill and demand to know when she will quit the race. Hillary knows it, you can see it on her face. It's a combination of resignation and raw anger.

    As scary as the prospect of an Obama presidency is, at least we have an end to the Clintons with their endless scandals, their lies, their attacks and their overriding narcissism. Republicans can claim zero credit. They couldn't defeat Bill, either in an election or in the DC power game. He whipped them like rented mules. They couldn't defeat Hillary either. She ran for Senate in NY about 36 hours after moving there and won easily. She led them around by the nose in the Senate, and she probably would have defeated McCain.

    Her only remaining chances depend on two unlikely scenarios. One, she wins Texas and Ohio and stays close enough to Obama to be able to coerce super delegates to support her. Result? Alienated blacks and Obama-infatuated young voters and a likely republican victory. Or some Obama scandal surfaces. There are some faint wisps of smoke there, but if the Clinton opp research team hasn't fanned it into a blaze by now, it's likely not going to happen.

    The real loser in this race has been Bill, not Hillary. He has gone in the space of three months from revered party figure to the crazy uncle you keep in the attic and away from company. As the Clinton power fades, the media and party figures become bolder in standing up to him or looking to get some payback from past indignities. If there was ever an example of this, it is Bill Richardson's refusal to endorse Hillary despite pleas from Bill. Apparently bill asked him, "Weren't two cabinet positions enough?" I guess not. Politics is a game of what can you do for me tomorrow. For the Clintons, the answer is not much.
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    frankly, it's the only way i can cope with this empty suit being praised as 'Our Savior', the thought of how much pain he causes Hillary, the idea that he's built a little place in her brain that will always hurt
  3. The only question left will be - would the devil you know have been better than the devil you did not know?
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    they all work for the same devil

    it's nothing more than a puppet show
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    One down, one to go... if Republicans can start working Obama over like the windbag sparring partner that he is they can win. He promises the same shit they all do.

    My question for Obama is: my wife has to work to pay the family tax bill, what are you going to do about that you bullshit moron?
  6. Actually it's Hillary's Iraq vote that destroyed her candidacy. If she voted against the war she'd probably have an infinitely better chance against Obama or anyone else, she'd be a shoo-in. She is an indirect casualty of the war in Iraq and conservatives might as well thank their leader - GWB for helping them get rid of the Clintons.

    Let's keep things in proper perspective, Obama, as charismatic as he may be, is an extremely weak candidate. He is weaker than Kerry, he is weaker than Gore by far and he is going to run against a republican who is infinitely stronger than GWB. The point is Obama did not defeat Hillary, he is just not strong enough. Obama was at the right time in the right place but it's her Iraq war vote that did her in.
  7. I think that the GOP was the one behind Obama's success, you know, kill two birds with one bullet.

    Obama is the easiest target in Nov. and they kill the clinton's in the process.

    Joaquin Balaguer used to say "politics is the art of what you Can't see".

    maybe this a political masterpiece
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    Obama sounds great when he talks though, the guy can talk. The way he handled Hillary's shrill stuff was incredible, he waved it off like it was childish, called it silly..... the guy is a grown up guy, he shows lots of maturity when he talks, he's just too far to the left for me personally...... Kerry and the Clintons are like kindergarteners.....

    There is no way I can be terribly fond of the policies of either major party, like 701 said, same devil different day. Consumer rights are eroding badly under the repubs, companies that make implantables were freed from lawsuits recently... I worked for one, the quality was abysmal, their products killed people all over the place, now all they have to do is prove that their product does more good than harm and they are free to kill lots more people, and they have the FDA in their back pockets anyhow... but the war sucks pretty much too.. I might give up voting or write in Ron Paul but even he has a few policy things that turn me off and black helicopter stuff........... Nader maybe..... Nader is so boring he could talk the Middle East to permasleep, no more need for war at all......
  9. I thought Hillary had a good chance of losing the nomination going into this primary season, but I never saw it happening like this. I thought she would either turn people off big time or have some episode where she lost control of her temper and went postal. Instead, she has run a decent if somewhat plodding campaign. She just came up against voters who thought they were watching American Idol and had a candidate that fit that fantasy. People seem drawn to Obama, they tolerate Hillary.

    Plus, she was caught by the dynamics of democrat primaries. She couldn't very well criticize his socialism because most of the primary voters like the idea of a free lunch courtesy of some rich republican. She couldn't attack him personally. because he was a minority. She tried to attack his lack of experience, but that fell flat because she isn't exactly Henry Kissinger herself. She was First Lady, not Secretary of State.

    She can still pull it out, but the odds are very long. The more pressure on her, the more her annoying side comes out. People have decided they like him and are comfortable with his intelligence and judgment. That will be tough to reverse.
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    Obama is a political hologram......fascinating to watch, but ultimately, there is nothing of substance.

    dddooo, you may have a point about Hillary ultimately losing because of her vote on Iraq, but I don't think its as direct as that. Iraq was the foil Obama was able to use to distinguish himself from the other candidates, and either he is one lucky guy, or he used that difference well to his advantage. But that distinction mainly appealed to the extreme left wing of party, which has an inordinate share of power, given their size. I think Obamas appeal is much broader than that. Hell, even some Republicans I know are thinking about voting for him. Policy wise, what difference is there between Hillary and Obama?

    he should enjoy the free ride he is getting right now, because once he's the nominee, the gloves will come off, as well they should.
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