Do comments here affect the options market?

Discussion in 'Options' started by kalikahuna, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Do you guys believe that what you say here affects the pricing and availability of options? ie, teaching people to hedge and take certain positions turns people who would be "gamblers" into "bookies", limiting the number of bookie opportunities on certain lower open interest options.

    Or, also if you talk about an option here, enough people move on it to affect it.

    If either was the case....i would be extremely worried about writing on here...although the guys on this board offer excellent advice and stories
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    Is this a place where I could anonymously talk up my positions with little or no effort? Great! But I would never do that. Heathens, worthless no-good heathens....How could they ever...
  3. Surely you can't be serious!
    daddy's boy
  4. Not a chance in hell!
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    Think you've been out in the sun to long Bub!
  6. yeah, i guess you guys are right...i mean, its the same 10-20 people on this forum, and we dont affect the funds that use options to hedge against their stock holdings, who probably make up the real majority of the 6-10 mil trades/day

    and those on this forum that are habitual gamblers aren't going to wake up one day and decide to not gamble ( although, i think that even those of us who take more limited risk approaches may feel the tug of gambling and "easy money" occasionally)
  7. What about the thousands of unregistered lurkers who come here for good tips on options?

  8. The opposite happens.

    The market controls what is posted on ET, the more a stock moves the more it will be mentioned and ET'ers will jump on too late.
  9. Tips, haha, no need to worry about them, they are doomed anyways :)