Do black people have a problem?

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    Do you agree with what he said ? Comments?
  2. Interesting video.

    So he identifies the problem. "Black people don't understand how the world works"

    No way are black people going to be enlightened considering the news reporting in todays world. The news is targeted to basic emotional denominator that separates intelligence and emotion.

    Secondly, the education system is severely lacking in critical thinking or thinking on any level to help the black people navigate the world around them.


    What to do? First do no harm.. Let's not make matters worse than they are, which is where we are today with affirmative action, community re investment act, etc.
  3. I can't answer for this man's opinions, but I can say, I am quite grateful that I do not need to troll the internet for articles about whites that I can post here. I can find something fukked up that some white guy did daily, but why bother? It is an individual that has nothing to do with the rest of the group.

    I have been in P&R for a bit now, and what I am seeing are threatened, and somewhat frightened white males. Archie Bunkers, so to speak. The world is moving forward, and you can't get your head around it. So you come to the basement of ET for some validation. Any mature white men that come along are called liberals, which is Scared White Man speak for, pro minority, pro gay, pro poor, pro equality, and anti bigotry.

    Some of you truly do have my sympathies. It has got to suck to wake up and need to find an "other" to assuage your fears and equilibrate your personal failures. Truly unfortunate.
  4. I have theory (uh oh) on frightened white males.

    Two propostions.

    1) Whites becoming a minority.

    2) The Fed gov't power grab to micro manage every aspect of our state and local gov't and people's actions.(nanny state).


    The realization of these two events will take the power away from the minorities as they gain majorities in political office.

    And the concentration of power and money by fewer whites people in higher levels of gov't service.

    By default, miniroties will have less and less authority and power.
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    That's the problem. You and others see the world inside out and backwards from reality.

    You need to re-evaluate your thinking and get it right this time.
  6. For example, (I'll be the first to admit I need more research on this but I know this is probably true)

    Take Detroit for example (or any other black run city, DC was a another example).

    The white politicians think, "okay a black man is now running a major city" and commence to withhold Fed funding, assiatance, etc. the city detoriates due to lack of funding, etc.

    The city ends up in the crapper and the black man with good intentions is left with his thumb up his ass trying to manage a city with limited dollars and no federal aid.
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    More lies and hypocrisy from our Peoria buffoon in nurses drag. So how is it, according to you, everyone in the GOP or anyone who fails to support Odumbo is a racist?
  8. So in summation...when white people are scared, they use their words & communicate their frustrations to other people and problems get solved.

    When black people are scared...they punch, kick, scream and run away. Maybe thats why blacks are such poor leaders.

    Case in point-

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  9. What does AK47 think about this?
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    Who cares?
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