Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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    Van Tharp, Perry Kaufman, John Murphy, Jake Weinstein, Stanley Kroll (RIP), John Hill, Elder

    Ok, all these guys are authors and probably made out real well selling books and even a few "systems". But as far as I know, they made their reputation writing about markets, not trading.

    So, who has walked the walk and then talked?

    Anyone read anything other than Pitbull from a trader? And anything worthwhile? Pitbull was entertaining but come on, I'm not bankin' on T theory and a 10 SMA ( or was it an EMA).

    Let's get Larry Williams out of the way. He's been beaten to death all over cyber message land. He went long genes with that hottie daughter but anything else about the guy is too mysterious.

    Anyone esle who traded and then wrote good stuff?
  2. No.
  3. How about Borsellino? I have not read his book but recently watched a video he made. Seems like he's been deep in the pits/pc for a long time.

    Lot's of people have been bashing system sellers, coaches, chatroom operators etc. And I'm sure some of them deserve a good beating. However, I don't know if a coach/mentor needs to be a great trader. I think about great athletes who have coaches. Tiger Woods for example. He has a coach who is less of a player I'm sure. Maybe he does not have the physical abilities or natural talent that Tiger has. He can still improve Tiger's game with observation, motivation, and knowledge.

    Going for another cup of coffee. :D
  4. Michael Parness wrote "Rule the Freaking Markets" He backs his $hit up. is his website.
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    Some have suggested that what he REALLY does is front-run his recs to subscribers... that could make for an easy track record...
  6. This guy could be the next "guru" from reading his bio. "Michael Parness went from homeless and living on the street to owning the $treet." Quite a transition.
  7. Jesse Livermore
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    Mark Fisher
  9. Gary smith, the original, not the RealMoney guy.
  10. I dont think you can use sports as an analogy. There are physical limitations & inherited genetic characteristics that can prevent someone from excelling in a given sport yet that could still be an excellent coach in that sport.

    I cannot think of any reason why a trading coach should not be able to trade successfully using the methods that they attempt to teach - they may *choose* not to for a variety of reasons but there should be no reason why they couldn't do what they teach if they wanted to.
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