Do any of you watch the drillers?

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  1. Anyone watch the OIH?

    Any correlation to crude prices?

    I've traded them intraday but never had a chance to look at a long term correlation overlay.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wasn't the "Drillers" an '80's porn film?
  3. No, but I heard you can make some serious cash if you drill for oil. Of course there is a great of getting hurt. But, hey you can get hurt while you are wlking too, so COME ON. What am I tlaking about?

    Merry Christmas
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    In the new Mens Health mag. their is a picture of a man who was drilling for oil on a boat off the coast of Africa when he was captured in the photo 4 men have automatic guns at his head, the fifth has a rpg pointed at him. it is a bit of overkill, oh there is a scary story accompanying the photo.

  5. Lol yeah speaking of that.....I have a spanish teacher who is just dumb as a box of rocks at my high school I go to. Anyway she is from kentucky and they found oil and natty gas reserves underneath her old tobacco farm she grew up at in kentucky. Out of all people I never thought something like that would happen to her lol! I mean she lives like a rat in a one room shack on the outskirts of town. She prob makes like $20,000 a year as a spanish teacher but soon she won't have to work another day in her life!

    I guess it just goes to prove good things can happen to stupid people lol!

    Merry Christmas Guys!
  6. Before you call someone dumb, make sure you don't sound dumb (as you do). Drilling on privately owned property happens all the time and doesn't guarantee instant riches.

    Also, living on the outskirts of a town in a shack doesn't mean one is a dummy or broke. Unlike most Americans, your teacher probably has "real money" saved. You'd be surprised.
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    and probably the reserves arent economically feasible to dig out(low reserves)
  8. Actually there is plenty of crude under her farm. The reserves are plentiful and there already is a drilling company creating roads, clearing trees, etc before they start taking massive amounts of oil out of the farm. She doesn't have to pay for anything to get the oil out of the ground and still gets so much % of the oil in there ( I think something like $20 a barrel for every barrel thats in there). Sounds like instant riches to me!

    Actually maybe you don't know but here in iowa the state has to post what every state employee makes in the local newspaper. She isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer either and is a terrible business person.

    So next time think before you state that someone is "dumb" you fucking moron.:D
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    When my grandfather died my grandmother paid his taxes by selling a large amount of land in the southeast. 6 years later oil was found on it, I have not looked into this recently but I think it may still be producing oil, this is maddening but I am sure many people have "almost" stories like this.
  10. How old are you kid?
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