do any of you echo Soros, Gates and Buffett's trades

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  1. I completly agree that a trader could dominate me in total return in the same stock over a given amount of time, but in my little world and with my low risk approach I can only watch so much in any given trading session....To be completely honest I have recently just been watching sectors currently and when they show weakness I sell almost all of the stocks I have in that sector and when it shows strength I buy the few stocks in those sectors that I like.....Regardless of setups.....Tech back on 7/17 and 7/21 was golden....If you only knew how many tech positions I opened up around those days....

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  2. I do not know how a short term trader could ignore long term bias...but i am new to this reality and learned that i have tried to paddle upstream far to much in my day's...

    the marriage of investors and short term traders is on the horizon in the efficiency that the markets present and the shrinking range that automation brings...just my opinion though..

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    of course that looks great now, but back in July everything still looked like it was headed down...What if November 17th was the day to short tech when looking back on this week in Feb or Mar of 2007 saying selling then was a great thing to do....its very hard to pick these exact setups. Many are questioning where the top is, its really anyones guess.
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  4. unfortunately, lots of times even the big boys get it wrong andy ou just end up following them off the cliff :D
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  5. Michael:

    If you really do want to know more about true investors (as opposed to speculators) like Buffett, you should take the time to read Jason Zweigs new book, which is a revised edition of Benjamin Graham's "Intelligent Investor".

    You may or may not know that Buffett was a student of Professor Graham in college, and also worked for Graham. If I remember correctly Graham gave Buffett his first job.

    Here is a link that might help.

    Good luck,

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    Very useful. Thanks

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  7. thanks a lot for the reference to check 13f-hr reports. here's a link without popups.

    now I've just quickly looked at these reports, but how do you like to use this information? They show existing positions, but how do you extrapolate future moves from this? furthermore, what specific funds do you like as far as management style is concerned?

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  8. I wouldn't consider Gates a good investor. He got lucky with MSFT.
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