do any application based plateform have the same speed as to the execution of orders?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by letom13eur, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. i want to open an account and i found 3 brokers that seem to have interesting commissions + services ( ffasttrade, openecry and another one ..) my choice between the 3 depends on how good their platform is. I know 3 application based platform so far which are : x-trader , ffastfill and the one open-e-cry offers. Are those 3 ones equivalent? if not plz tell ( from what you've seen ) me the differences.. for example i heard but i'm not sure at all that x-trader enables to have direct access to places.. is it right ? what about the others? thx for any answer ( i know x-trader is the most appreciated platform but i want to know if will have overall the same result . so in brief does application based platform mean fast execution or not ? thx :p
  2. frogy


    I am in the same situation myself.

    I am considering Openecry, Fasttrade, and Velocity.

    Any feedback on these three options would be greatly appreciated.


    (I am done with IB: reliability isn't up to par for my needs)