Do all American women make horrible wives? Correct me if I am wrong.

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  1. I have noticed this over the years. (I am married to a hispanic woman for 20 years so far)

    But here is what I have noticed so far from my observations, several colleagues and some family members who married American women (Women who are purebread americans, not first generation immigrants born in the usa etc.. , I am talking about true blue white american women)

    #1 They do not cook.

    #2 they do not seem to want to do their part at all when it comes to
    maintaining the household period.

    #3 they do not want to work, at best a part time job.

    #4 they seem to really suck as parents, you see the rugrats or young children almost behaving at a feral level, what do they want to do, stick them in front of the TV 24/7 watching some cartoons etc..

    #5 They seem disinterested in their children, when I observe them they seem to spend all their time staring into an iphone etc.. mumbling about facebook etc if you get their attention, while the kids run a-mock being ignored by the wife. While husband seems to have to deal with the kid and try to control them.

    #6 They seem to have no interest in educating themselves about the world and come off a bit ignorant.

    #7 Poor social manners, I mean if you are with company, put your gadget down and converse with the rest of the folks.

    #8 If they do converse they seem to always speak in a subdued sneer.

    Anyhow why would anyone want to marry an American woman.
  2. Imo, American women are clearly capable of doing these things on your list, they lack the motivation. These women have zero self respect, poor self esteem and fail to see any benefit for themselves.

    "What will it get me?" They can't answer the question. Too busy talking to thiink and no enlightening response from the opposite sex to wonder why.

    Everyone settles for less and less.

    Ask a fat girl if she's fat and she'll say my boyfriend likes me that way. Ditto on the housecleaning, intelligence, raising children.
  3. since we're generalizing... it's because american men are weak.

    a woman's attitude will always reflect her man's tolerance for it. with a strong pimp hand, american women behave well and will do the opposite of your list and more (albeit with a bit more bitching when being broken).

    it's difficult to be the man of the house, if you're at the store buying tampons.
  4. Is it the earrings that gives it away or when men get pedicures? I thought if you had a tatoo of thorns on the flabby bicep indicates "tough".:D
  5. Interesting, so the American men are the issue? How did they end up being put in such a situation is it the upbringing? I am a first generation son of immigrants so its tough for me to figure this all out, it just seems so foreign.

    When did this happen, this was not something going on the the past from what I can tell.

    It does not seem to be the issue elsewhere in the world from what I can tell, only something happening here it seems. How is that.
  6. grooming doesn't matter. the guy could wear a thong and scarves and still be strong in the relationship.

    a woman's role is to support her man's values, his ethics. a man's role is to provide those values and guide his woman into following them. if he provides no guidance, then she defaults to her culture. if her culture allows for women to behave poorly / disrespectfully, then that's how she'll be.

    the problem with american men, is they're embedded in a cultural system whose aim is to weaken their dominance / independence. a culture of weak men are much easier to control, manipulate, profit from. however, instead of questioning these value systems, they're oblivious to them, accepting them at each turn, and if they're lucky enough to get some perspective, ask themselves questions similar to the op's.

    if you take responsibility for your woman's behavior, as you should, then these types of questions become moot. her behavior is a reflection of you.
  7. Lucrum


    "Do all American women make horrible wives?"

    Not all of them.
  8. i thought you were canadian :confused:
  9. IMO, men don't do enough to qualify women before they
    get involved. I would guess most men would dive in full time
    as long as she has a snatch and isn't 300 lbs.

    I really think that most guys don't have what it takes
    to actively seek a quality women or at least hold out for one.

    Their confidence in themselves is too low in this area and
    so they settle with a ton of red flags.
  10. that's a really good question. one i've asked and thought quite a bit about.

    it could be argued that the first and second world wars were the beginning in the more dramatic changes in sentiment. with young men off at war, and women more and more taking on male roles for longer periods of time. these wars though have roots in the depression and the creation of the fed, but men were still men for a long time after that. ideological movements were not completely damaging as at that time those wars were felt to be just and so not particularly demoralizing. true change, though, begins ideologically and those started to show in the mid to late 50's with the introduction of the feminist and counter culture movements. there is evidence these may have started genuinely enough, but there was HEAVY infiltration by us intelligence and other groups who took the opportunity to use these platforms to launch massive propaganda/psychological campaigns. drugs, violence, you name it, it was all used and significantly created contradicting value systems in the minds of people in the us.

    i want to make this clear, it's not necessarily a single specific value system that changed things. it was the discongruency of the value systems that caused changes. for instance, these modern wars that are fought for 'freedom' when there are heavy economic motivations at stake is an example of something incongruent. there are hundreds of these types of incongruencies in us culture and finds its epitome in 'pc' speak. there is nothing that weakens a man or a country more than accepting these types of contradictions and even moreseo when they were put there specifically to weaken, to subvert.

    the difference between the us and other countries (although there are others that are similar, some asian and far nordics for example), is that other countries do not pretend that their men are pigs, that their governments are corrupt, and that their survival depends on their ruthlessness to pursue money. american men do all these things, with perhaps even greater fervor than most, but pretend they don't... and thus, they go home, and become bitches to their women.
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