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  1. Digging into the DNDN IMPACT trial design:

    The trial is not powered to show the survival rate initially. The patients were in the earlier stage. The trial was changed to show the survival rate only after about half of the earlier stage patients enrolled.

    So the interim results might show nothing.

    It should be good for CEGE.
  2. check the naked short selling thread. The law changed oct 15 effective 12/5. There has to be locates, and then, if there are fails, they must be cleaned up first. This may be a play. I'm going to stay long over night.

    The news is in naked short thread.
  3. something about senator dingbat
  4. nonam


    FDA may be investigated for conflict of interest of committee members...

    12:52 DNDN Dendreon follow-up: CNBC reports plans for investigation into approval process of DNDN's prostate cancer drug -- 3 members of Congress have sent letter requesting hearing on conflicts of interest after drug not approved (6.81 +1.17) -Update-

    12:51 DNDN Dendreon: Formal request for probe into FDA approval process for DNDN drug provenge; Letter involves approval process for DNDN drug provenge - CNBC(7.00 +1.56)

    12:51 DNDN Dendreon: CNBC commentator notes there's a letter involving approval process for DNDN drug provenge (6.82 +1.18) -Update-

    12:51 DNDN Dendreon popping big on CNBC story saying ethical violation investigation when co drug voted down (6.80 +0.86) -Update-

    12:50 DNDN Volume Alert -- Dendreon catches some upside here as it pops to session highs on a pick up in volume (5.80 +0.16) -Technical-

    WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Mike Michaud joined with his colleagues Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) and Tim Ryan (D-OH) in calling on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to conduct a hearing to examine the conflict of interests governing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its recent decision on failing to approve licensure of Provenge, a potentially life-saving therapy for those suffering from advanced prostate cancer.

    “Many ethical questions remain about the two panelists who voted no on approving this drug,” Michaud said. “I believe that the FDA should not be appointing scientists leading the testing of a rival drug for another firm onto an advisory committee evaluating Provenge. Congress needs to get to the bottom of this. I believe a full disclosure is necessary in order to restore confidence in the FDA.”

    The bipartisan letter requests that the Energy and Commerce Committee hold a hearing to examine possible ethical violations of these panel members considering the viability of potentially important life-saving drugs.

    “We need to ensure that the FDA gets life-saving drugs to the market as quickly and as safely as possible,” Michaud stated. “Our priority is to ensure the prompt and efficient approval of therapies such as Provenge that could potentially benefit millions of Americans with cancer.” :confused:
  5. If they play by the rules, the shorts are very fucked, and I'm very long. Up till now, they never played by the rules.
  6. shares surged after three members of Congress asked for an investigation of a Food and Drug Administration panel's vote against the pharmaceutical company's prostate cancer drug.

    WHy is the stock up? The pannel voted FOR DNDN drug. The FDA went against the pannel
  7. There were two panel members being accused of conflict of interest. the stock is hugely shorted, and naked shorting, so, put two and two together, they had something to do with it. If they are squeezed, there easily could be a multiple of the float short, the stock could scream. Of course, should the street believe they get a reprieve, you get an instant approval, and again a higher price.
  8. 10:55 DNDN Dendreon follow up: Jon Najarian highlights stock on CNBC -- says it's going a lot higher, into the "double digits" quickly (7.14 +0.15)

    10:55 DNDN Dendreon: Stock pops as Jon Najarian on CNBC says he would buy the stock (7.15 +0.17)

    spiked it .90 cents in a sec. He's seeing optiono buying all the way up.