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    For simplicity, I decided to open a thread titled with only the stock's symbol.

    It would be nice to see the most recent comment,fundamental change(news,earnings), technical analysis(charts),etc. all in one thread.















  2. The investment community has been looking for DNDN to issue new shares so they shorted the stock, convertable is absolutely nightmare for shorts, buy with all you can.

    Remember, this is the only hope for DNDN shorts!

    We will close above 10 today!
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    I wonder if by this would be a fill the gap play.
    I'm observing if volume goes down as the price goes down.
    I would also feel more comfortable going long when the RSI(2) is below 30.

    Currently, DNDN has over 182,000 traded in the premarket with latest print (6.02am) at 7.74.

    Yesterday's High = 9.13 (resistance)
    Yesterday's Low = 7.90 (resistance as of 6:04am)

    See you in the chatroom.
  4. Steve Cohen made $10 million last month on his put options.
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    I currently don't see anyone in the chat.
    I hope the chat is working properly today.

    Premarket low = 7.50 (support)
    Gap to be filled = 6.75 (support)
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    I just read pages 1 to 6. Interesting conversation.

    On paper, I bought DNDN at 6.74(6:32ampst) and sold at 8.16 because I let the (fear emotion) win when I saw it stall. I didn't want ot give back profits and locked on it (although too early).
    After I exited the position, I realized that level 2 still had a buy set up (I did not pay attention to it because my focus was not to lose the profit).
    My targets were 7.90,8.24,8.40 and 9.14.
    I wrote on the chat that I may be chasing DNDN already with an entry of 8.24 but decided to get back in.
    I ended up exiting at 8.30 because I had to leave the monitor and take my son to school.
    By the time I came back, I saw DNDN hit 8.40 as its high.
    Oh well.
    Taking it one day at a time.

    Still studying DNDN's behaviour. I'm tempted to put real money in already(but then again, it's my wife's turn to trade this time, so she'll have to decide if we're getting in DNDN or not).
    She mentioned that she also likes DNDN's trading range.
  7. No offense, but trying to chart that stock is probably going to produce 95% noise.
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    Thanks for your comment Sise,

    The daily chart just gives me an overall picture of the stock.

    What's more important to me is the most recent activity.

    I watch the opening price, net price, volume, 15 minute opening range, 5 minute breakout, level2 market maker actions, time and sales,support/resistance, trend , patterns, indicators,how news affect the stock,etc.

    Happy trading,

  9. Oh, okay. I watched it trade. The thing I don't understand is why someone doesn't buy up the entire float(maybe they have/are) and write a couple billion dollars in Put contracts.

    Good luck bro.
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    Would you please expand on your comment?

    If you don't chart DNDN, I'm just wondering what you use to decide to get in and out.
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