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  1. just noticed they add a big fat avg 4 months to your life at a cost to the taxpayer of almost 100k.

    what a scam.

    this kind of crap is why we are being bankrupted. makes Al Capone look like a fish peddler.
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    You nailed it, friend!

    Big Pharma got nothing out of me with my cancer. Oh, the doctors tried their best to convince me that chemo was not optional, it was required, but I did my own research, found out the truth, boosted my immune system with the free "medication" we ingest 3-4 times a day by way of our fork and spoon and am healthier now than I've ever been in my life and disease-free for over 5 years.

    Big Pharma and the "disease-care" industries don't want you to know or believe the truth about most cancers. Read this book and change your life:

  3. Down 7 afterhours, didn't CNBC mention alot of oom puts bought a few weeks ago?
  4. I'm pretty sure I saw something somewhere about dotm puts on this scam.

    As for cancer, I don't wish it on anyone, but there is so much profiteering and in that space that you have to look at any treatment with a glazed and jaundiced eye.
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    Most drugs are only allowed by the FDA to be tested on the sickest people. What most fail to understand, that this is actually a vaccine, not a drug.


    "NCAs do not impact existing coverage decisions, nor do they restrict local Medicare contractors from covering PROVENGE. Therefore, Medicare beneficiaries are still able to access PROVENGE and private payers can also still cover PROVENGE."


    It looks like

    "CMS said a proposed decision was expected by March 30, 2011, with a final ruling in June 2011."

    So you could buy both calls and puts early March, since it looks like the stock will either go up or down a large % again around that time period.
  6. you're dreaming.

    theres no march, and the Feb straddle cost you 50% of the stock price, so a march would be more like 60-65%. Crap shoot.

    The Jan 2012 is very cheap at only $23, with the stock at 30.

    Of course if DNDN goes to 100, that would be a nice trade.
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    I am not telling you to buy them now, you wait to buy them a week or so before the decision date to benefit from time decay. Right now longer date options cost more than shorter date options.

    Also, I would like some of you to understand the difference in what DNDN has vs other cancer stocks. There are extreme side effects with anything else on the market right now. These side effects are so bad, some people rather die instead. Also, the truth is the earlier you take the vaccine the longer you live. So far some people are alive over 2 years using the vaccine treatment.

    Think of it like a small pox vaccine, if you take the vaccine before you get small pox, you will not die, so the sooner you are diagnosed with cancer, you can take this drug, there is a chance you will not die of cancer or live many more years to come. In order to be able to run trials on cancer patients, you can only can only treat patients that have full blown cancer and are about to die anyway. Even in these extreme cases, you still had patients living for over 2 years after treatment. Also, the vaccine was so effective, that they were required to give it to the patients that originally took the placebo, so the truth is even these patients lived longer which skewed the results on longevity.

    I think what should be done is to mass produce the vaccine and offer it as an option to anyone who is likely to get cancer to bring the cost down.

    Also, there is a drug from Abbot called Humira. Its not for cancer, but it costs $ 1,000 per treatment or around $ 10,000 - $ 12,000 per year. The truth is you are very likely to be cured after just 1 treatment. So if you think you can not afford to pay the $ 10,000, I would strongly advise you to just pay $ 1,000 for the starter pack. Or take the treatment once per year if needed. Also, it has no real side effects from Humira, and it comes in a special design that you may have seen something like on Star Trek when they give an injection that you can use at home without sticking a needle in your veins.