DNDN Halted. How To Tame The Beast?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by shortie, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. BartS


    got a coin?
  2. ammo


    if soros is that spike in may,he met be sellin the news
  3. gimp570


    looks like good news.

    this puppy could really cook
  4. i did not spend much time reading on that but Soros had shares on Sep 30. i assume he bought them within 3 month, probably when the market was going into tailspin.

    he could be out of the stock by now. all we can really say is that he has expressed genuine interest in the stock.
  5. The Medicare advisory panel voted today in favor of Provenge coverage, Dendreon Corporation's (DNDN) prostate cancer drug. The panel recommends that Medicare cover the treatment based on its survival benefits. The vote was 3.4 on a 5-point scale in favor and paves the way for the Medicare to offer coverage of the $93,000 treatment.

    There is always the chance Medicare could reject coverage or request more information but these panel recommendations are typically followed. Shares of DNDN are still halted as the news disseminates. Yet this a great hurdle mounted. The final decision will be made in June 2011.

    $93K is pretty steep!

    talk about INFLATION!!!
  6. gimp570


    all that for a 2.20 pop

    seeems like they should be able to make some money for 93K per month
  7. gimp570


    what would it be trading at if there was negative news
  8. gimp570


    well its up a little more today...but not even close to what i was expecting