DNDN, buy with all you can.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by codedeep007, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. How many people were betting DNDN to issue new shares? And it's is the only reason and hope for DNDN shorts!

    The investment community has been looking for DNDN to issue new shares so they shorted the stock, convertable is absolutely nightmare for shorts, buy with all you can.

    We will close above 10 today!
  2. Shorts:

    Can you get convertables? If not, you'd better buy before openning.

    This is your last chance
  3. Stop. This isn't Yahoo, and this isn't the place to advertise your baby-like requests to shorts who don't read message boards anyway. Thanks.
  4. Retief


    Actually, shorts do read message boards. See Cohodes lawsuit against harry3866, a poster on the TTWO board a few years ago.
  5. This stock is insane. :D
  6. It's up SiSi.

    Cute, little girl
  7. You mean a whole $.06?! Wow, you must be buying like 3 cheeseburgers for lunch today. :p
  8. A whole few years ago? That's the best example you have? I meant that it was totally stupid to post a message to DNDN shorters to cover like it would have any affect.
  9. Up 8% since I posted to buy, SiSi
  10. Thanks, grossed 23k without even trying.
    #10     Jun 4, 2007