Dndn & 10 Days Till Options Expiration

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  1. Is this thing going to make any down moves in these 10 days, for a variety of reasons:

    namely just plain volatile
    shorts can attack a stock
    profit taking
    blow out stops moves
    hyped results, but reality takes hold=how to proper value this company?

    just curious as this is always an interesting play on these hyberbolic moves:)
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    I prefer the june series myself. I think it's worth for a gamble.
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    I have not seen the actual filings, but I have read others post elsewhere that insiders sold into this last move up. They may just have been banking some capital after a difficult effort with this drug, or it could be a warning. There is no way to know for sure. I fully expect some dilution to raise capital, but I thought that would be out by now. They don't expect to file for approval until Q4, so anything could happen with this one. I was not that impressed with the data, but it only matters what the market thinks. Just FYI.
  4. It's a good drug that will receive approval in Q4 or earlier, but the mcap is sitting at >$2B at $21/share. There are a lot of off-label scripts that will be written.

    I believe it will touch $40 when approved. I would be a buyer at $21 and own a small position from $18.
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    If I recall correctly you were saying you would buy at $13. If so, why the change?

    Since the data supposedly met targets, I would assume the drug gets approved. Then it becomes how many of the 100K potential users actually use it and at what price. We shall see.
  6. A lot of ET stated it was going into the single-digits after the errant-print at $12, post-release. It opened above $25 the following session. I would've bought at $13 had I been able to do so. So, no change. I bought the position on 4/17.

    It beats Taxotere and you can safely-assume there will be many off-label uses.
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    Slightly inaccurate.

    They will not file for approval until Q4 and they (on the call the other day) wouldn't get any more specific than that. They were asked directly if when they say Q4 they mean more like Oct 1st or Dec. 31st and they would not answer the question other than to say Q4. So It will not receive approval before 2010.
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    I wouldnt mind seeing it go to 0. Its manipulated. no reason to hold this price after skyrocketing from $2
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    I wouldn't mind it either. I got f---ed in the halt. I was going to do a quick daytrade on the put options during the plummet and it halted within 11 seconds of my execution. I needed another 5 seconds or so to get rid of the puts, instead I got stuck with worthless crap because of the bs halt.

    Also, in response to someone's comment earlier about insider's selling:

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