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    Watching the two conventions, it is clear that the DNC is operating on an entirely different level. The RNC was decidedly Bush league by comparison.
  2. You won't hear much from the righties today. They will be licking their wounds for a bit. They know it's over.
  3. The DNC has been amazing so far

    The First Lady and her speech was wonderful

    Democrats have a new Latino star

    All those white ,black and brown faces in the audience coming together as one.Trying to find a black or brown face at the RNC was like trying to find a needle in a haystack

    Cool ass Bill Killed it last night,probably the greatest speech he has ever given.
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    Tsing Tao

    Is this essentially what you've become, RCG? Just trolling for responses?

    I watched part of the DNC yesterday. From 8pm EST to 9. I didn't get to see Clinton's speech but heard it was pretty good. I'm going to check it out on Youtube. What I did see, however, was a bored crowd that was pitifully engaged. It is probable that my slant is affecting my viewpoint of it, but there is just no way "it is over" from that performance.

    Try to be a bit more engaging in your talking points and a bit less "nyah nyah", especially if it just aint true.
  5. The conventions are meaningless. Pure entertainment, with both parties preaching to their respective choirs. The debates will determine if one breaks away from the other. That, and any last minute dirt they're holding for a Holloween surprise.
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    Wow, a Canadian with nothing to live for but watching OUR conventions?
  7. It's your slant Tsing. This was not a nyah nyah. It is over for the GOP Time of death 9/5/2012 2330pm

  8. Is a multicultural, economically depressed, totalitarian socialist nanny state, where the majority of us are equally miserable your idea of what you want America to become ?

    You will have your social justice and diversity, and we all will be faced with a lower standard of living.
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    You got to be braindead to vote for Barack Obama this election.
  10. This is not about logic, no amount of reasoning can sway someone who truly believes in Lord Obama. It's about belief and faith. Faith in Obama. Throw away the thinking hat and entrust yourself to his blessings.
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