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  1. Surprised nobody has mentioned DNA here given the 45% performance yesterday and purported breakthrough in testing of cancer drug.

    Summa dem puts looking awefully cheap ... hmmm.

    Excerpt from a CBS Marketwatch article:

    Take Baroncor, who wasn't nearly the optimist: "I wouldn't want to be in this stock when single agent trials are shown to be completely worthless. This is not a breakthrough. Target specific antibodies have been around since I was in grad school, some 20 years ago. These were also known as the 'magic bullets.' The only problem was there is no magic. Don't be fooled."

    Then there was SirSherlockHolms and his conspiracy theory: "This is the most manipulated sector and industry -- big money is pumping like there is no tomorrow. They inflate the bubble and prick in no time to make outrageous money both ways. Don't be a fool and hold for few more bucks. This will be a merciless evolution by the predators."

    Finally, DHMFan27 had seen enough: "After such a huge move in one day, DNA should come out with a new drug to ease the pain of the shorts. It's the least they could do. A day like today illustrates why I hate to invest in biotech stocks.

  2. took over 8K in DNA today. It made a lot of peoples day.
  3. Frankly I hope they find a cure... and think it's sacreligious to short a company that might end up doing so much good for the world!

    Does that sound naive to all those ruthless traders out there?! :eek: :D

  4. If you feel so badly, donate some or all of your short profits to cancer research so that other, more capable companies can use the money.
  5. lescor


    Yes, extremely naive.