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    I've started a new option blog complete with educational option videos. Well, one video so far. It's all free and I have nothing to sell so I think I can post the link - it's

    Comments are of course welcome, along with questions and suggestions for future vids.
  2. Lacking patience, I did not go through the whole video.

    But from the sample I've seen you have done a very good job. From my perspective, I'd rather see 10-minute videos. But it's true that webinars are typically one-hour long and your 45-minute video fits right in.

    This should be a useful addition to the options education universe.

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    Thanks Mark. Maybe it WOULD be better to make these modular - ten-minute modules, mix and match. I'm not quite sure how that would work but I'm very open to suggestions.
  4. My guess is that both will work. The point is to maintain high quality and not squeeze too much into a short video.

    If you have a short topic, Try a short video. Perhaps pinpointing a very specific topic.

  5. Very good stuff Dmo.
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    I watched the whole video. Great job dmo!
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    good stuff
  8. I was curious who your intended target was here. I think a newer guy would have trouble absorbing this information in one sitting. I liked your discussion of volatility skew, makes sense to me.
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    Very good question. I guess the intended audience is anyone who knows what puts and calls are. To move to the next level, an option trader absolutely needs to master the concepts in the video.

    What's really hard for me is to have a sense of what info is difficult to absorb, and what is easy. Perhaps the info in the video is too much for one sitting. Perhaps it should be two videos - the first on option pricing, the second on the VIX.

    Anyway, that's why I was really hoping for a lot of feedback - to give me a sense of how these videos can be improved. For that I need to know where people are having a hard time grasping and absorbing the info.
  10. I enjoyed the education but where's the beef?

    HOW do I use this in everyday trading examples?

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