DMI/ADX advice!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Wood474, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Anyone use this combined indicator for futures - namely stock indexes and currency futures? Done quite extensive research into it and looking back at various charts in various timeframes, just can't get a handle on it or see much value. All examples I see using this indicator are with stocks rather than futures. Is this the general case? Am I wasting time trying to get signals in the emini and dow? Seems to be better in picking up good trends maybe once they are underway.

    If anyone can advise, I'd be greatful.
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    Looked at it quite a bit with ES,QQQQ;
    but that is ADX.

    Probably quite useful for some;
    simply prefer to measure trends in other ways,
    but cant quarrel with that [adx]way of measuring trends.:cool:
  3. Technicals really not working in this mkt. Just buy anything and wverything in index futs. You'll be ok and rich
  4. Wood474


    haha, I'll give that approach a go!

    Thanks for the replies.....
  5. I believe John Murphy used it in a book to show when another trend following indicator could be used such as a MA crossover to avoid the chop.