DLP TV for PC Monitor?

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  1. My understanding is that an HDTV can be used as a PC monitor. So, has anyone tried using a 42" DLP (digital light projection) TV with HDTV as a monitor for trading? DLP TV's are cheap and thin, so is this a good idea?
  2. TVs are lower resolution than monitors, so you wouldn't be able to display as much info. Also, you'd want to have the screen at a normal TV viewing distance. Otherwise, could be OK.
  3. I believe the newest generation of DLP chips are native 1080p resolution, 1920x1080, which is nothing to sneeze at even for a PC monitor.

    Of course the question remains... "Why?"

  4. The resolution limits the amount of information you can display on the screen. This is a very important factor because I think many believe that a 42" screen will display 6 times a 19" screen based on area.

    In fact, if your 19" LCD uses 1280x1024 and your 42" is displaying 800x600, then your 19" LCD is far superior in quality of image displayed. If an LCD and DLP TV have the same resolution, then you will get the exact seem amount of desktop real estate but the DLP's characters and graphics will be much larger and might appear more blurry depending on your distance back from the TV and the Dot Pitch of the TV (usually not so high).

    This is what gnome was saying above. I hope that helps you with your decision.
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    yup. good info as usual gnome and FT. even if you have a 10 foot screen with a projector, if your 19" monitor has higher resolution you can put more on the screen. granted, with a 10' screen each 1-min candle body will be about the same size as a 19" vert monitor :D

    take care :)