DLP - Digital Light Processing

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  2. Yeah, DLP's are pretty slick. I've used DLP-based projectors hooked to my computer for presentations and one of the local movie theaters was outfitted with a DLP cinema projector for the last Star Wars - the manager said that the film distributor delivered a ruggedized hard drive with the movie in digital form instead of reels of 70mm film and they just plugged the drive in to the system. Pretty cool.
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    that mean they can reduce the movie admission price since maintain cost should be less with just a hard drive, Motorola for long term, people.
  4. OR,

    there will be more and more bootleg theatres popping up at school auditoriums and party scenes
  5. Doubt they'll be cutting the cost of admission - most theaters make their real money on concessions, not the box office (they pay most of that to the movie distributors).

    Same for second run theaters, but once a movie goes into secondary release they don't charge nearly as much so those theaters can get away charging only a couple bucks - they're still making most of their money at the concession stand though.

    BTW, the DLPs are from Texas Instruments, not Motorola. Or was that an unrelated "Moto's a good buy and hold" vote?
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    no wonder I lost my shirt, buy TXN people not Motorola, repeat not Motorola