Dll/software protection program?

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  1. Hi, i am looking for a software that could be used to protect my DLL from cracking/decoding.

    Something crypto++
    Any free softwares or educated ones avaliable?
  2. Just because you have a "secure" or "encrypted" DLL file does not mean that they can't reverse engineer your strategy from the P&L, stocks traded and prints.

    Be cautious who you give your stuff to!!!
  3. I am dividing my logic into many DLLs and at some point i have to connect them all by developing central code. I am thinking to send fake dll to my core logic coder. These sent dlls will be just designed for testing and never sending the real ones.

    What do you think?
  4. I think if you are sophisticated to orchestrate that yourself then you could probably save a lot of time and effort by programming your own trades.
  5. This is important to remember:


    You can make it difficult to decompile, but the time it will take to crack is based on the skill of the hacker.

    If something is so important that you do not want the secret out, keep it local; do not distribute.
  6. +1

    The point is trivial: In order for a program to run it must not be protected at that time. Thus, in running mode, THE PROTECTION GOES DOWN.
  7. so what you are advising is to program it myself and this will require to learn programming. I always tried to avoid this solution:D . No time for this right now.:mad:
  8. who would develop your "central code"? A separate programmer?

    At some point you are either going to need to trust someone or learn to code yourself. You will spend more time trying to protect your code than it would take to simply learn the language.

    Think about this: even with the "ultimate security" a strategy can still be reverse engineered based on trade results.
  9. The only solution is to work together with the programmer and to watch every step made. This should be in the contract. No flash or other media allowed and no connection to the internet.
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