Dleteing a legitament thread in the feedback forum

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gunslinger, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. without a response by an admin is not only incredibly weak sauce, but might point to shenanigans on ET's part.

    Not publicly addressing this issue definitely reduces teh integrity of the site.

    *edit to state that a thread asking what action et was regarding the pol/rel problem
  2. Joe


    Your thread was a joke, 2 pages on nonsense and it was deleted because of it. Your comments have been heard and you must realize that the forum Politics and Religion along with chit chat is not a place for those who are easily offended. We are working to correct parts of the problem, however this solution will only be temporary as more members with opposing views to yours register.
  3. Joe,

    To be clear, the problem is not about what this dude thinks. It is the fact that ET is enabling this guy to jack up the ratings on his neo-nazi threads so whatever algorithm factors in page views will list this trash nearer to the top. For example, if somebody would do a search for Eli wiesel, im sure whoever is doing this would much rather see "eli weisel; a prominant false witness" than facts on the person, You get it now?

    But this is on a barron anyway, I hope he is aware what is going on.

    More importantly how would you think some of your sponsors would react if they saw some of this shit. You dont really think they read ET do you? However if someone decided to email a link.

    Your move.
  4. Well, the gentleman does have a point.

    I wouldn't want my company associated with that kind of trash commentary (distortions about Jews or Jewish religion)...

    I'm Catholic. Maybe it doesn't matter that much. but hey....who knows....