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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by denali, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I'm looking for feedback on the educational programs DLC Profiles provide for learning to trade using Market Profile. I've read both of Jim Dalton's books and am looking to learn more about his approach to trading the markets. Thanks.
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    I have spent over two years studying material presented by DLC profiles.
    I am only moderately successful as of yet, but am progressing.

    My opinion of DLC:
    Terry and Jim are honest and have a strong desire to help developing traders;
    Their commitment is unquestionable.
    No one in the business knows as much about Market Profile as Jim Dalton.

    The development is slow, since the primary aim of DLC is not to teach trading setups, but to teach new traders how to think about the motivations behind those moving the market.

    The intensive weeklong seminars are expensive but helpful (I attended one)
    The ongoing educational series is unquestionably worth the money for those intending to base trading strategies around market profile.

    You will not learn specifics about entry or exit, nor money management.

    I recommend you try the ongoing educational series AFTER reading dalton's two books a few times.