DJX and NDX- 50/200 day moving averages

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by islands111, Dec 21, 2006.


    Im looking at these two charts and see the 50 day isway above the 200 day.

    now this reminds me of April 2000 when I remember the same kind of situation.

    question: can someone do some research and find out how long an extension like this can last?second, has there ever been (besides early 2000) an extension (50 so far above the 200 day) like this and finally, what was the result?

    there is a trading career to be made by answering these questions.

    anyway, Im bearish on the DJX and NDX here.

    the 50 day DJX is 8.3% above its 200 day.too much of a gap there.Again I need some help from some of you market historians. Has this happened before and has it held?

    anyway: blackguard's 2 themes going into 2007:

    1)lower stock prices DJX back to 11000 NDX back to 1500.
    2)higher interest rates on the long end. ZN to approach 5% again.