DJIA vs DIA candle chart different

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  1. I have been watching DJIA index for quiet a long time. I think I understand this chart well.

    My issue is I understand DJIA cannot be traded.
    The problem is DIA daily candle chart is very different then DJIA daily candle chart.
    Even futures chart is different.

    Is there anyway I can trade DJIA indirectly like one thought comes to my mind is buying/selling all 30 stocks of DJIA, but then DIA is doing the same and its chart is different ?

    I am looking for any alternative ways even if it involves programming.

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    If you can't answer this question for yourself, you probably don't understand the DJIA as well as you think you do.
  3. Wait until he finds out about spy/spx has the same problem..

  4. What I mean is I understand DJIA technically using candlestick bar charts and not fundamentally. My fundamental knowledge is weak but I understand candlestick of DJIA pretty well.

    All I want is somehow I replicate that candlestick chart ( e.g. say daily candlestick bars or even intra day candlesticks ) and trade it.

    daily candlestick bars DIA charts look different than daily candle bars DJIA.

    can someone tell me why DIA and DJIA candlesticks differ and is there is custom index I can do to eliminate that issue ?

    I need a way(direct/indirect) whereby I can trade similar candlestick bar chart as DJIA even if I need to trade all 30 stocks.
  5. Task:
    Find out how ETFs are "created"


  6. dia = includes dividends
    djia= no dividends
  7. I want to trade candlestick chart similar to DJIA ( no dividends ) day trading or max overnight tading..... so I really don't care about dividends included in price calculation.

    I am thinking I will need to enter./exit all 30 dow stocks at the same time.

    what formula can I used to calculate % of each company in dow 30 ?

    is there any other way ?

    can someone please point me in right direction ...
    any links will also help...
  8. its the same thing.

    try /ym futures
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    Buying DIA is like buy all 30 stocks at the same time (market cap weighted). Do you think buying all 30 stocks is going to match the DJIA?

    Why don't you just look at the DJIA charts, and trade DIA or YM? They will move nearly identical to one another.

    The fact is you cannot actually trade the DJIA except through another vehihcle, such as DIA or YM. It is what it is...
  10. ETF Management fees and dividend payouts.

    Why do people take the time to respond in condescending patronizing manners ? You feel good about yourself when someone does not know something you know ? Were you born knowing the answer to 2 +2 ?

    Fucking idiots.
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