DJIA up 8 Consecutive weeks in a row!!!

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    Take notice how many weeks straight the dow has been up....I need to know how come when the next dip, correction or collapse comes why every money manager and bull has to cry and whine as if they didn't make enough on the way up. When you have these kind of constant gains why anyone needs to complain about a pullback is beyond me, I have seen cramer scream and yell at the smallest dips in the dow as if its unfair for it to even have a minor sell off. And as soon as the sell off does come, even if its a small 1% drop every money manager is screaming to buy the dip as if the train is going to leave without you once again. Remember the markets drop over 50% from the highs back from 2007 to 2008, the same thing will happen again. I will give all the bulls a bit of happiness, the next 50%+ correction will happen when the dow is around 15-20k so you still have time to buy and wait out the next collapse, its just that the next collapse will place the dow yet again under 10,000.

    Look how many Consecutive weeks the dow has been up in a row!!!!!

    Jan 14th 2011 Up again, closing above its previous weeks close!!!!

    Jan 10, 2011 11,672.34 11,814.55 11,545.87 11,731.90 4,156,245,000 11,731.90
    Jan 3, 2011 11,577.43 11,795.78 11,577.43 11,674.76 4,731,044,000 11,674.76
    Dec 27, 2010 11,572.81 11,655.04 11,480.52 11,577.51 2,091,158,000 11,577.51
    Dec 20, 2010 11,491.30 11,615.57 11,417.32 11,573.49 2,707,105,000 11,573.49
    Dec 13, 2010 11,406.16 11,553.51 11,369.00 11,491.91 4,454,044,000 11,491.91
    Dec 6, 2010 11,381.33 11,507.27 11,281.43 11,410.32 4,835,082,000 11,410.32
    Nov 29, 2010 11,083.75 11,408.58 10,906.46 11,382.09 4,242,568,000 11,382.09
    Nov 22, 2010 11,201.59 11,221.11 10,968.78 11,092.00 3,205,160,000 11,092.00
  2. I hope vol, picks up cause this week was a real grinDDD to the upside. I trade TF and man oh man was it a real tough boring week. I dont know how much higher we can go but it sure seems like a big move up or down is coming soon.
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    So, are you long?
  4. investors and anyone with cash is afraid the FED is on the path to make the US dollar worthless like zimbabwe

    hyperinflation====created by the gov't

    it's destroys wealth.

    50% of wealth is in bonds and cash.

    as for stocks it's paper too. stocks can become worthless you think apple or google will exist forever.

    it's good money chasing bad money with fed policy of devalueing the currency.

    the fed is interested in hyperinfllation and destroying teh wealth of americans..into third world country so a few ultra rich become rich in paper and oil gold.....

    China and many countries don't want US if that is the policy

    the world needs a new foreign reserve if that is the policy of the US gov't.==quantitaive easing... money is just 'piece of paper' and confidence in the gov't...
    fiat money has no value.

    fed is destroying what little wealth people is need for things that people need.

    even municipal bonds and gov't bonds is not safe..

    the US is desparate ...the US debt is ticking time bomb.

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    I'm long and strong. I luv this easy, ahem, I mean manipulated , rigged, HFT infested market.
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    So I guess this means S2007S's demo account is down 8 consecutive weeks.
  7. Since 1920 the Dow has gone up 8 weeks in a row a total of 23 times my quick analysis showed. Last time it was before the flash crash and before that it was in the beginning of 2004 with a modest drop following. Before that it happened in Nov 2002 and the market dropped 1000 points before rallying again.

    Before that it happened in March 1998 and the market continued going up for 400 more points for several months and then dropped almost 1800 points in from Jul to Nov of the same year.

    So beware of any conclusions you make. It can continue going up for longer than you can stay solvent.
  8. Wait. You lost me on the take home point. Should I conclude that it's eventually going to fall big? lol. I would assume we're looking for some other form of signal. :)

    If we really wanted to get fancy I think we should throw TIME into the mix :eek:

    Honestly though....i'm not sure why more people don't analyze things like you just did.
  9. It is going to fall but we cannot know when and by how much:)

    Most people don't analyze things this way because they have no skills and no tools to do it.

    If you cannot analyze things the way others cannot you will never make money. However, this one we have to credit to the OP. I usually look for things like 10 consecutive up days but never checked 8 consecutive weeks.

    I will develop a program to check for variety of consecutive timeframes.
  10. that's huge. What software do you use if you don't mind me asking. That's been an essential tool of a lot of guys. :)
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