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  1. possibly retest 8230 on the intraday, but rebound sharply and end the day solidly.

    go long
  2. getting bearish intraday?
  3. lol yea.
  4. Are you selling?
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    I bought FAZ this morning knowing the rally wouldnt hold, in at $53 and sold at $57, go figure, its at $64++++

    Dow could easily close below 8000 today. We might get an afternoon rally back to 8225-8250 area but I would sell into any strength.
  6. No one is asking you, S2000. Stay out of this.
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    You asked if he was selling, why would you even bother with a silly question like that, you know his answer already.

  8. plz move to chit chat :p
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  10. Looks like we got our bounce at 8110 instead of 8230. Now we begin the rally till the close.

    If you're short DON'T get fooled by the low volume of this gentle rebound. It's a trap just like yesterday. The funds will enduce another panic covering by bidding it up gradually, and then it's off to the races.
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