DJIA match 1927 record streak

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  1. Big caps and quality companies equal big profits for shareholders

    cheap dollar pays off

    about time

    Also there wont be a repeat of 1929 just cause we're seeing record up days. That argument holds very little water.
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    cheap $ pays off?thats bs the dollar was this cheap 2 years ago and nobody said squat. you're just like the talking heads on tv. once all world markets crash business will dry up overnight world wide. watch and learn how the great salesman of the world sucked all in. REMEMBER P/E'S BASED ON NORMALIZED PROFIT MARGINS OF EVEN THE 90'S ARE AT 28 TIMES EARNINGS. THESE PROFIT MARGINS WON'T HOLD.
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    The 2007 record tying with the 1927 record of the Dow can be further examined. The 27 days are based on closes having risen; the last 27 this time consisted of 20 up days and 7 down days.

    Up days are defined here as intraday trading which goes from the day low to the day high before closing while a down day goes from the day high to the day low before closing.
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    big deal..8%

    Shanghai does that in a couple of days.
  5. History is our greatest teacher to future events & gives us the foresight to prepare because history always repeats itself.
    You`ll be banta fodder soon enough with that ignorant,one way mindset.the one good thing for all of us here is that when the hammer finally drops & you`re avg`ing down.... licking you`re wounds,praying to god that the impossible stops ,we won`t have to hear from you anymore.
    sad thing about you is that you can`t detect the sarcasm from fellow posters with their mantra of 100% up room to go.....the joke is on you & you don`t even know it.
  6. Another reason the market will hold or go up. Negative sentiment and traders calling a top on ET.
  7. That makes almost no sense. :p
  8. do you really think a bunch of guyson a website trying to trade the market or making premature predictions has anything to do with how the market unfolds?...LMAO

    it`s called 100% neutral...a neg/pos sentiment here......time to go dress some hair.
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