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  1. the attached Yearly chart illustrates an ABC Correction scenario, C started

    question is how long will it take for the Correction to complete, 3 years like the
    2000 - 2002 A wave ?
    lows based on fibo levels

    2 main matters: the 'subprime/credit' which will continue probably thru the 3/4
    election of President ( I know the 2 main Democrat runners are Clinton and Obama,
    but who's running for the Republicans ? ) the new President takes the timeframe to
    2009, and what happens to the markets according to which administration governs:
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  2. 1) It's claimed that the market/economy does "well" with a Democratic president who serves with a Republican-controlled Congress.
    2) If Ross Perot had kept to himself in 1992, Bush would have been re-elected.
    3) If you believe an "expanded flat" correction is unfolding, then you have to expect the market to go below the 2002 lows. It'll be ugly for whoever is in office at that time.
  3. Weekly chart update
  4. Market keeps drifting lower. We haven't had a triple up dow in the dow in weeks. We need more fed bailouts and liquidity injections.
  5. 1276.

    24 more points and we don't have to see commentary like the above anymore. At least from ST.
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    Havent you paid attention, the reason why the DOW sits at 11357 today is because of liquidity injections and bailouts. You can thank 1% interest rates during the greenspan years for the collapse in our dollar, housing prices and economy. Its all goes back to low interest rates, keep wishing for lower interest rates and see what happens to this economy, the reason for 140+ oil is 2% interest rates, the reason for the falling dollar is 2% interest rates. Next thing bernanke has to tackle is going to be credit card debt, $1 trillion worth, and not only that but August 2008 brings on more ARM resets, good luck bernanke.......
  7. Those 24 points will never happen
  8. I think there is a VERY good chance it will. The Stock Market has been unable to mount any kind of rally and now languishes below recent support.

    Vix has not spiked as there is still much complacency (people like ST waiting day-to-day for things to change, when they should've sold momo stocks weeks ago).

    With the Fed on the sidelines - perhaps we can now shake out all the weak hands as people sell with a rush for the exits!

    Which BTW is a good thing, since once all is said and done (should of happened by now, Fed-excepting) we will again be rolling in the good times.

    Stock_trd3r can then take out another handle telling everyone how great his new momo index is and his new following can glow along with him regarding ALL that he knows about stocks.

    "C'mon, let the good times roll!"

  9. :mad: