DJIA Down 130 and then suddenly

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    within 5-6minutes it is all the way down from 130 to down to only around 85. Who moves the Dow Jones so fast?..Is it a bunch of people sitting at computers on the floor of the stock exchange pushing buttons or what?

    How can the Dow Jones moves from one extreme to another extreme in a matter of minutes?...And if the answer is buy programs or sell programs, what does that exactly mean?
  2. I don't know but its a traders dream this volatility and scalping both ways...
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    OK but I watch mostly all day and it moves so fast and then suddenly it all stops for a minute or two...As if they are re-setting the slot machines. :)

    I wish I knew exactly what makes the DJIA move 50 or more points in either direction in just minutes. What are they doing and who are they?
  4. Stay here and go all the thread. You will get lot of knowledge how dow works. There are 30 big companies stocks move due to demand and supply. Dow basicly depends on those big 30 companies. Thats all.
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    OK.. I know about the 30 companies and supply and demand will move stocks up or down but how can those 30 companies be like doing nothing for 10 minutes or so and then suddenly, as if someone pushed a button, those 30 stocks move 100 points in a matter of minutes..I can't belive that suddenly every Joe Blow in the country decides to buy GE all at the same time..:(
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    This volatility has been nothing but fun, I have been trading DDM, SSO, UYG, UWM, TWM, UPW, UYM, QLD, all week long. Nothing like getting a 2x movement with this volatility. Some of these ETFs moving 5-10 bucks in a few days.
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    Joe Blow has fled the market. Hedgies and institutions are the one whipping things around...ever heard of program trading???
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    Can you tell me exactly what they do when they do this program trading?
  9. I don't know why everyone is shocked that the market is rebounding. If the subprime is such a big deal why are you shorts so worried? It seems like you guys have no confidence in your own argument. Deep down you know the subprime and liquidty thing isn't a big deal.
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