DJ EURO STOXX 50 overnight margin

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  1. if you are unable to find this information at eurex why wont you do a search at your brokers website?

    a simple search at IB gave me this

    ESTX50 Dow Jones Euro STOXX50 FESX intraday-1788 overnight-3576

    isn't google a wunderfull tool:)
  2. My broker uses the same overnight margin as the EUREX exchange as this a minimum requirement and the amount is changing from time to time.

    All brokers should have o/n margins that are at least the same amount as the one quoted on the EUREX , but some do not.
    The amount of o/n margin on IB website does not reply to my question as they could break the law (not advised) and have lower margin, or have higher margin than the EUREX (this is obviously allowed). My broker matches the EUREX in real time, so they just advised to look at the EUREX website.

    Please help
  3. Thanks Trading Time
    As per the 1st link you send, the o/n margin for FESX is EUR 2,860.50

    Thanks very much
  4. according to IB they maintain eurex margin which would
    confirm the 3576 eur overnight margin

    The table below depicts the exchange margin requirements
  5. indeed Overnight Maintenance 2861 eur