DIY 15.6 inch Monitor

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  1. I was using my Dad's Acer laptop from the year 2008 and noticed how nice the screen was. So I sourced parts NEW from Aliexpress to make my own DIY monitor.

    There are a couple of controversial threads on Reddit claiming IPS is currently the worst monitor tech and sucks against their old TN monitor. So, before anyone go, why are you still using TN monitors with shitty low resolution (1366x768) in the year 2022... Please refer to above said Reddit threads.

    Anyways, here are my suggestions.

    1. The screen. AU Optronics makes the best 15.6 inch 1366x768 TN screen. The reason is they all using PWM to dim the screen. I have TN screens by Samsung and Innolux and they hurt my eyes. AUO employed some kind of "secret sauce recipe" so their screens hurt my eyes the least! When you buy a TN screen online, always ask the seller to send you AUO and not some shitty Innolux or Samsung or LG, etc.

    2. The LCD controller. Avoid those that come with analog input (think those old Nintendo consoles that connect via analog TV cable). They put the image thru a bilinear filter before sending the signal to the LCD display so picture quality is degraded. If the LCD controller can only connect via VGA/HDMI then you're safe.

    3. Total cost of my DIY TN monitor less than $80 USD. Very economic way to build a trading rig. Who said you need to spend hundreds to thousands on a good monitor? Wikipedia says 1366x768 is still the most common screen resolution in the year 2022. When in Rome do like the Romans do. Can't be wrong to use 1366x768 to trade!
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    my goodness!!!
    you must be even older than me!

    nowadays we talk about 34", 40", 50" ... monitors, not 15.6" monitor.

    also as we get older, the old monitor is a no-no because of blurry image.
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    How thick is it? Do you have a link? Curious if it would be a good choice for making an NFT display.
  4. 15.6 inch laptop screens come in two different thicknesses. The regular thickness which is about 0.2 inch and ultrathin for modern IPS laptops/ultrabooks.

    Got my 15.6 inch AUO screen NEW from aliexpress for $50 USD shipped. No link necessary, you can find in abundance on Aliex...
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  5. BTW guys, can make a pretty nifty monitor stand using book shelf dividers as the stand base plus craft something to grip the screen/hold the LCD controller using wooden tongue depressors (extra large popsicle sticks) and some wood glue!

    Also, try to avoid buying from eBay or Amazon. Often have to wait for 2 months for items to arrive from China. You can get same price or less with more choices from Aliexpress and delivered within 2 weeks...
  6. 15.6 inch 1366x768 is the most commonly used monitor resolution in 2022 (according to Wikipedia). People wouldn't still be using this resolution if the image is blurry or text hard to read...
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    Never used Aliexpress. Are the keywords in your post enough to source the item?
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    Great little pet project.
    But you probably should not apply this to trading. If you are as stingy (aka cheap) on your investment into this industry then you won't get too far imo. I have seen over the years people who cheapened out on everything in life and then had lofty financial goals going into day trading and losing big without much regard. Yet they were total penny pinchers in everything else in life. Penny wise... Pound foolish
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    Even if you peeps are using modern "big" monitors with crazy high resolutions, can't hurt to have a big little display setup to maximize productivity... (The small monitor in this pic not that small because it's 15.6 inch across diagonally!)

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