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  1. It is good that they lost the Civil War....

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  2. "Yeah, "Dixie", where we're all just a bunch of dumb redneck racists who marry our cousins and proudly fly our confederate flags on our front porches."

    Thanks for the confirmation.....

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  3. Thanks for the confirmation.
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  4. Arnie


    Lil' z has always had a hard-on for the South. I think he probably had his ass kicked by a Southern White Boy when he was just a tike in grade school. Some dumb redneck opened a big ol' can of Country Whoopass and poured it all over him!

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  5. As is nearly always the case with the ET regulars, I post articles about the hatred of racists....and the ET regulars try to make me the topic of the thread....

    No condemnation of course about the hate speech of the two individuals in the articles......

    Shall I say, par for the course?

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  6. hcour

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    It's pointless to argue w/a bigot. But you do have to love the irony of a thread in which the OP exposes his own ignorance and prejudice while purporting to condemn the exact same in others. "Remove the plank from thine own eye" and so on... Can anybody say "hypocrite"?

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  7. RM posts: While white racists like those exposed in the above two articles do indeed represent white southerners in general, Islamic terrorists from Hamas and Hezbollah are rare fanatics who in no way represent adherents to the peaceful religion of Islam (even though the two terror groups win middle east elections).

    -The world according to ZZZ

    LoZZZer (thinking to himself): Hmmmm... I must come up with a reply that is both hypocritical and obnoxious....

    Oh! I know! I'll post the most blatantly ridiculous straw man argument I can think of, and then in the next sentence I'll accuse <i>him</i> of using straw man fallacies! Its perfect!

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  8. Say it is true (which it isn't), but for the sake of argument, say the initial post was a strawman fallacy.

    That would suddenly make your logical fallacy appropriate, or in any way accurate, or sound?

    Ahhh...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

    Any way you slice it, or cut it, or snort it, or shoot it, or swallow it....your response was a logical fallacy, a full blown rotted red herring.

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