Dixie Chicks have learning disability

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  1. Fresh from whining about the public's outrage over their last attempt at political commentary, the Dixie Chicks have now attacked Arnold, in effect claiming he was too dumb to be governor.

    While being dumb as a box of rocks is something they no doubt are familiar with, what makes them think they have ANYTHING useful to say on the subject of politics? If it is a question of the best doublewide, then yes, that is a subject they would know. Or how to destroy a once promising career. Otherwise, stay in Germany or wherever you can appear without being jeered.
  2. Shows you how stupid they are indeed, because Arnie's not all that conservative in his politics, at least what I've heard so far.

    But of course, as typical liberals do, they attack anyone who's even remotely considered conservative.

    I just love the way the HollyLibs & celebs FIRST make their money in America then proceed to trash it, as Johnny Dope, er Depp so eloquently did last week. The nerve of that bastard to sit there and whine to a foreign audience about the very country that put food on his table.
  3. What would you expect from Saddam's Angels?
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    What about this Jeanne Garafolo? Since when did this brain dead actress become a political expert? Suddenly she has been making the rounds on all the political talk shows. What is going on here? And it's not like she has anything important to say, she can't get one sentence out without blaming Bush for everything.
  5. They think because they act a part in a stinking movie that makes them an expert. That guy in ER, Goose from Top Gun (don't know his name) plays a doctor and suddenly he's an expert on diseases and medical causes.

    Martin Sheen ffrom the Left Wing is another one with a mouth.

    They're in fantasy land over there in SoCal.
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    Are the celebs who back Bush equally as dumb and stupid - and should keep their mouths shut?
  7. I don't know - other than Dennis Miller, who might they be? :mad:
  8. And Miller's a recent convert.

    These people are irrelevant unless they can state a valid argument. For the purposes of the unspectacular cable-news talk shows, popular is good enough.

    Why listen to the Dixie Chicks? Why even complain? They are just individuals with opinions that get media coverage because "they sang perty". Maybe we should just include them in a televised debate since the media seems to regard them as such foreign policy experts.
  9. I'll put the Dixie Chicks up against anyone when we're talking stupid.
  10. She was dead wrong about Iraq. She was all over cable saying it would be a total disaster,etc. I suppose she's claiming now that she predicted we would have problems and has been proved right. Please.

    When you see her co-hosting a political show on CNN or whichever leftwing network it was, you can really appreciate the utter contempt they have for their viewers. And they wonder why Fox is kicking their butt?

    About all the celebs sounding off for Bush, I haven't seen one of them on TV, except for Dennis Miller. He hasn't had 1/50th the exposure Garafolo and that POS Mike Farrell got. I guess the networks prefer people who equate a Republican Presidnet with Hitler and think Saddam Hussein is morally superior to the US.
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