Divorce: Ellen Barkin rings the cash register

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    If it floats, flies or fornicates RENT it, otherwise it will cost too much.

    I always thought Ellen Barkin looked like Cameron Diaz who looks like a dog...
  2. ellen barkin sex scene with dennis quaid in big easy was F_ING HOT!!!...i was like 16 at the time but was sporting a 33 inch Louisville slugger watching that!!!:D :D ...
  3. I think I've heard this famous quote somewhere. Who is it from?
  4. Does she really worth $15m?? :D

    <img src="http://images.absolutenow.com/rp/Barkin_JS7588599110.jpg"
  5. Barkin looks like a shemale version of Cameron Diaz (and yes, I agree that Diaz is soooo not attractive).

    I'm sure Ron Perelman is happy as shit to buck up and get rid of her old ass.

    He's probably balls deep in a 20 year old stripper right now. :D
  6. I don't know who it's from, but I can attest to the "flies" part. :(

    I call mine the aluminum money pit.....
  7. She's probably banging some 20 year old stud who wants to get his hands on that $15m. :D
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    I read the quote from a famous trader in an interview. Forgot who.

    Perelman got it cheap. He has 7 billions, 20 mill of that is nothing. Barkin was his 4th wife...Barkin's first husband was Gabriel Byrne...

    P.S.: Diaz used to have a great body (The Mask), now she has a bony, skinny ass...
  9. 25 years ago, maybe. Def barkin' now...

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