Dividens now rather than later

Discussion in 'Options' started by riskfreetrading, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. There can be a good delay between ex-date and dividend payment date.

    How to get dividend captured using options in way the dividend is in the account on ex-date +1 or sooner?

    If you think it is impossible, explain why?

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  2. you need to go synthetic long, buy ATM call and sell ATM put. Its even better because the dividend is converted into capital gain which is better against Mr. Tax
  3. I usually sell on my long term portfolio OTM calls (low delta) let them expire worthless

    and reinvest proceeds back into equity in addition to the dividend reinvestment (fractional shares). For compounding power.
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    Sell the in the money put. The put already has the dividend built into its price.
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    A question to oracle: are you assuming that the penny call will be worthless?
  6. what a moronic way to waste peoples time, thinking of ways to spend money on commissions and B/A spread in order to colect a dividend. The dividend is yours and will be put in your account on the pay date.