Dividends... Needs Guidance.

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    Hello guys,

    I just started swimming in Balance Sheet reading. But I had difficulties to understand the term "Dividends". In the attached pictures for AZZ , I noticed that the company has given away "0.5" as dividends. Yet, I do not notice any remarkable change in the share amount for the company. Correct me if I am mistaken. However, What I have understood is that if we have "0.5" as dividends per share.And the total amount of shares is "25 million". We will end up with ( 0.5 * 25million = 12.5 million) . So the new total of shares will be (25m + 12.5m = 37.5 million shares.)

    But still the company's share has incremented from 25m to 25.2m ONLY !!!!?

    Any elaboration or correction ??
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    Sorry i forgot the other picture :)
  3. Why do you think the float is increased?
    Dividends are cash which is paid to you. In this case they paid out $12.5 million in cash as dividends.
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    Sorry ,,, again.,,.. i think i have not successfully uploaded the second picture.

    Explain the increase in share amount ? as you can see it in the attached pic? and how you can determine whether the company will increase the shares or not ?