Dividend for Symbol ABV

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  1. Companhia de Bebidas das Americas - AmBev
    Ex dividend date was March 1st 2012 and dividend per share USD 0.5025 according to the Nasdaq website. The dividend payment date is not shown on the Nasdaq website.

    I looked for more information on several websites and I found different dividend amounts (possibly due to currency conversion) and I cannot find the dividend payment date anywhere, this is very confusing.

    Can someone please confirm the dividend amount per share in USD and the payment date. I hold ABV since Feb 14th 2012 and I did not receive any dividend.

  2. The fidelity website shows:

    Year Ex-Dividend Date Dividend ($)
    Q1 03/01/12 0.386552
  3. any response please?
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    I hold the stock as well and have the same Ex-dividend date and amount of about .3875 according to Yahoo Finance and Morningstar. Payment date is reportedly 4-1-12.